Smart Meter

What we do

We produce and sell a smart metering solution for the agricultural rural areas of the developing world.
Our solution is targeted both to households and for productive uses loads.
The main benefits of our solution include:
- Real time control for the system operator
- Mobile money top-up
- No internet required for operation
- Possibility to control demand side management applications and differable loads through retrofit of our smart metering solution to existing systems / microgrids.
- Up to 60% lower price than our competition due to decreased production costs. Our solution is comprised of:
1. Low cost smart-meters: We assemble the smart meters based on low cost System on a Chip implementations which act as Internet of Things nodes. We offer both single phase meters for households and 3-phase meters for productive uses loads.
2. A real time control platform for the system operator
3. A data visualization platform that can be used also by the final users of the systems
4. A distributed ledger (Blockchain) backbone that acts as the financial backbone of the system and enables mobile money use.

Currently we are testing our prototypes at the experimental microgrids of the Agricultural University of Athens and we are seeking financing.